DIY Soccer Ball Cake

Monday, September 30, 2013

Lately, I've really been enjoying making my boys' birthday cakes myself!  For Alex's birthday a few years ago, I experienced with my first layered cake and completely surprised myself when it didn't fall over.  A few years later, for Declan's first birthday, I experienced with making my own frosting.  I never knew butter-cream frosting could taste so good! This year, for Aiden's soccer party, I experienced with fondant.  Now, to me, fondant is still horrible tasting, and I would never cover a whole cake in it, but for a cake that I could never otherwise make without it, I was up for the challenge.  I surprised myself with this soccer ball cake.  One of which I'll probably never be able to make again, but wanted to share with you step by step, just in case you wanted to try....

I used only 1 half of the Wilton Sports Pan, and baked the cake to the instructions that came with the pan. A very important part of the instructions was to reduce the amount of oil in the cake down to only 1 tablespoon, assuming you are using a cake mix.  I'm not a professional baker, but my guess is that this makes the cake less moist, making it hold it's shape better.  Just an assumption.

While the cake was cooking, I prepared my fondant.  I made this marshmallow fondant for my white, and just bought the black.  The thought of kneading black food gel for 30 minutes into white fondant is not my idea of fun, but you most def can.  I rolled out my fondant over powdered sugar (not flour) and cut hexagons using this Wilton Template.  The smaller hexagon is for the black.  I cut them out, laid it on top of the rolled out fondant and cut with a sharp smooth knife.

Once the cake was completely cooled, I coated the cake with frosting.  This was actually a little too much, next time I'll put barely any on.
Start with the top.
Work your way down and around...  I would stop every now and again to cup my hands over the ball and push the pieces up and together, trying to get them as close together as possible.

You may have to stretch the pieces by hand every now and again.

As you get to the bottom, you'll have to trim the pieces down.  I put this on top of my cake, so I didn't mind the uneven edges... I knew that they would be hidden.  You can gently clean the white powdered sugar off of the black with a damp paper towel.

I placed this in the fridge for an hour or so to let it set and get nice and hard before putting it on my cake.

I frosted the main cake with my butter-cream, and then put in 4 paper straws into the middle.  This (1) helps hold my layered cake together during transport, and (2) helps anchor my ball.  I cut off as much of the top I felt needed so it wouldn't come out the top of my ball.  Add some frosting to the bottom of your ball and just place it onto the straws sticking out of the top of your cake.  The ball isn't as fragile as it looks.  By now, the frosting and fondant has hardened from being in the fridge for awhile.  I ran out of frosting, so I used sixlets for my trim.  I would rather of had the frosting for the trim, but sixlets worked just fine.

Wala, you're done!  Step back and enjoy.


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