It's A Spiderman Themed Halloween

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My oldest wanted to be Spider Man in the worst way.  I like them to have a theme.  I'll do it for as long as I can get away with it!  But what other characters go with Spider Man, that will fit our family?  Of course he has to pick Spider Man.  He couldn't pick the Avengers or the Fantastic 4 or something like that.  Plus last year we were all members of the Justice League, you want to be a superhero again?  He's a boy, of course he does!  Then it came to me.... One of them could be the black Spider Man, one of them could be Amazing Spider Man, and one could be the Original Spider Man.  Done and done!  They all agreed!! Who would have thought that different variations of the same costume/character could be so cute?  I love it!

From our Spider family to yours, have a happy, fun, and safe Halloween!  And don't worry, the streets will be safe tonight with these three roaming around. And all the other superheros in the world that are out tonight!

Little babies in muscle costumes!  The cuteness!!!


  1. The boys look AWESOME!!!! Love Love Love them

  2. I'm seriously dying. You need that fence shot blown up!


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