Liam Finally Plays Soccer!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I thought this day was never going to come.  I thought Liam was just going to be the bittle brother that was just happy as a clam running along the sidelines while his brothers played sports.  An idea that I was just getting used to.  However, on Tuesday, out of the blue he promised daddy that he was going to play soccer that day.  We didn't hold our breath, but took him anyways... the kid really doesn't have a choice in that department.  Practice started and he jumped in like he never skipped a beat!  I showed up a little late and all the moms on the sidelines started telling me how good he was doing before I even made it onto the track.

I'm so proud of this boy for conquering this fear!  He was so much fun to watch.  He's so much more animated than Aiden was.  He was having a blast, and every single smile, smirk, skip, hop and jump proved it.  Here's to today being just as good!  I hope!!


  1. I watched the video and Liam has some skills! So happy for him. xoxoxo

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